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We have a selection of products designed for use in both health and personal protection. You can see the different categories as well as download or view our catalogue.

Surgical Masks

Three-layer surgical masks. They prevent the transmission
of contaminating agents by the person using it.

Self-Filtering Masks

Masks with particle filter. Recommended for healthcare personnel who attend to cases of investigation or persons to go into an isolation room.

Sanitary Robes

Surgical robes for use in the operating theater. Reusable up to 75 washes, after which can be used as hygienic robes.

Safety Glasses

Protective glasses against impacts and splashes. With anti-fogging, anti-scratch function and strap adjustable to the head.

Sanitary and protective gloves

Sanitary, protective or dual gloves, in a variety of sizes. Elastic, resistant, ambidextrous and suitable for different applications.

Pipette Tips

Wide variety of pipette tips compatible with different laboratory pipettes. Available with or without filter and different capacities according to the required application.

Antigen Test Covid19

Rapid Antigen test for detection of COVID-19 through nasopharyngeal sample.

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